About Us

Pastor Humberto Gómez and the entire congregation invite you to visit us and be part of what God is doing at IBHA; In this application you will be informed of all the activities and events that we have as a Church, you can also send your prayer request or any question you may have, see sermons from past Sundays and much more; we are here to serve you.

The Hispanic Baptist Church exists to announce the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching the sacred scriptures, producing a community of service to God and neighbor. God bless you!


To be a solid congregation with members in the process of growing and spiritual maturity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaching the world for his kingdom.


How did the history of the Hispanic Baptist Church of Arlington begin?

It was 1988 when missionary Jim Palmer was called to start a mission in this city Arlington, TX. working with Mike Woods pastor of the then Northside Baptist Church, at the same time in another place; Daniel Garcia was organizing Bible studies in the apartments on Peach Street, which were growing to 40 attendees without counting the children. During the fall of that year the amnesty program as a means of reaching people was used by Northside Church, where volunteer teachers were teaching ESL classes. Daniel Garcia and his wife Elsa visited Northside Church on a Wednesday night, as a tent campaign was being held in the church parking lot, at the end of the service Pastor Mike Woods showed the Garcia brothers the building called "El Apostilio de los Apostillos" (The Betrothal), which is called "The Betrothal". Garcia the building called "El Aposento Alto" that Northside Church was preparing for a Hispanic congregation, the place was vacant waiting for a congregation that later would be the "Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Arlington", Daniel Garcia and his wife Elsa understood at that moment that this was the place that God was preparing for them. Jim Palmer's time of missionary promotion came to an end and the church called Daniel Garcia as pastor.  The church continued with the ESL program and during the class time more than 1000 students were benefited, more than 500 people accepted and confessed.